Company Overview

The A.R.G. Difference

Allied Risk Group Inc. is a national Brokers General Agent (BGA) that provides insurance agents and financial planners with the resources necessary to expand their business and provide more value to their clients. You work in a relationships driven business yet far too often those relationships are not maximized to their full potential simply because you don't have the resources or expertise to provide your clients with services outside of your specialty.

What makes ARG different from other BGA's? Simply put, it's the difference between buying a suit off the rack or working with a tailor. There are lots of mass retailers and wholesalers - and they have their place. But for those Advisors that are wanting to do more for their clients than offer off the rack products, ARG provides you with a wide selection of elegant products that are woven together with custom stitching to produce a tailor made experience that will take your client relations and business to a new level.

We do the heavy lifting

Everything from case design to proposals to processing, commission tracking and client services – A.R.G. provides a complete back office support infrastructure with full transparency and accountability to our Advisors.

Cross Market Opportunities

A.R.G. provides financial professionals of all disciplines with the resources to provide your clients with life insurance, employee benefits, financial services, property and casualty and other risk management solutions. What we are about is providing you with the knowledge, structure and resources to further enhance your value to clients, providing them with a more comprehensive suite of solutions. Real solutions, not another band-aid, to the most important business, personnel and risk issues facing them and more.

A Whole New Way of Thinking...
  • Proprietary Plans

    Employee Benefit & Executive Compensation Plans you and your clients can't get any where else

  • Advanced Case Design

    Access to a deep bench of Attorneys, Actuaries, Health Plan Administrators, Accountants, and more

  • Independence

    6 ways to contract with us while keeping your independence and other GA affiliations

  • Turn Key Back Office

    Grow your business without growing your infrastructure

  • Technology

    Access to technological resources typically only available to large agencies

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