Sell Your Agency


An Opportunity for Unparalleled Growth or
More Profitable Transition

  • Has your income and earning power been reduced as a result of governmental laws and regulations?

  • Would you like to spend more time with clients and prospects and less time on administration and management?

  • Are compliance requirements becoming too time consuming and burdensome?

  • Are you concerned about the future health of your industry?

  • Are you losing clients to larger agencies and finding it harder to compete?

  • Would you like to increase the value of your agency or book-of-business and create greater liquidity?

  • Would you like to own part of a larger national firm and still maintain your independence to serve your clients?

  • Would you like to reduce your overhead and the expenses of operating your business?

Consolidation is a natural evolution within virtually every industry. This trend has been very evident in retailing, wholesale, manufacturing, and business services. Insurance and financial services are no exception. The basic concept behind an insurance / financial brokerage services consolidation group is fairly straightforward. Market power can be significantly increased when groups of companies are aligned together, maximizing their operational, financial, purchasing, and organizational development opportunities.

For Advisors looking to take their business to a higher level, consolidation with Allied Risk Group provides that opportunity. For Advisors seeking a more profitable sale or transition out of the industry, consolidation gives you the opportunity to realize a higher price and continue to receive a residual income. Through partnering you will have the resources that come from being part of a much larger company - while at the same time preserving your independence.

A Whole New Way of Thinking...
  • ...About your BGA

    No need to be captive. You can remain independent and work with us on a case-by-case basis.

    • Need Technology?

      Use Ours

    • Need an Advanced Planning Team?

      Use Ours

    • Need Innovative Solutions?

      Use Ours

  • ...About Your Business

    Let's face it, you only make money when you are meeting with clients or prospects. Spend more time doing what you do best while we handle what you dread most.

    • Administration
    • Client Services
    • Pushing Paper
    • Tracking Commissions
    • and more.....
  • ...About Your Future

    For most Agents and Advisors your career is merely a means toward an end. What do you really value most? We have a unique agency consolidation and partnering program that can significantly increase your profits and provide residual income after you sell your book of business or retire.

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